Join the competition with FREE NFTs to celebrate the game launch

To celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated game and give back to the community that supported us along the way, we are launching an exciting competitive event where there will be only winners and no losers! In Moon Robots, every action counts and has value.

Get a guaranteed NFT prize of up to 500 USD in value in the Crew3 event. Stand to win the top prize of a legendary robot; if you are not part of the top winners, you can still walk away with a shiny NFT item tradeable on the open market! Rules are simple, collect more points to get better rewards.

Every quest is achievable and you can win without any knowledge or prior experience with blockchain projects! Regardless of who you are, we welcome you to our community.

To join the competition, visit this page:

About Moon Robots

In March 2022, we minted our first batch of NFTs in the form of robot eggs. All robot eggs were sold out in less than two hours

Players have claimed over $350,000 in unlocked liquid $OIL tokens, which they could exchange for USD, ONE tokens or utilize within our game’s ecosystem to empower their Robot Eggs and partake in other activities. Trading volume on Moon Robots NFT collections topped 7.0+ million ONE or $1,000,000!

We are pleased to announce that we are only a few weeks away from launching the game! You can start enjoying the game and acquiring items with only a single EGG or ROBOT, ‘hatching’ robots from eggs is totally free of charge. Want a more efficient and powerful robot? Get an egg with higher levels and rarity to hatch a better robot with better attributes / stats which will impact quests, PVP and other future exciting content planned for the Moon Robots ecosystem!

For more information on robots and their attributes / stats, use the links below to access the whitepaper where you can find the information you need.

Start your personal journey with us

Send Robots on Quests

$OIL is used for sending Robots to embark on Quests, where they can find items that are essential for upgrading Lands that you own. All Robots have different stats and will level up via the experience points gained from quests. You can buy Robots and Lands via and you require a wallet connected to the Harmony One Blockchain. MetaMask (Chrome extension) is a good beginner-friendly wallet as it integrates with most dApps on the chain very easily and you can connect to the Moon Robots webpage. You can install the MetaMask wallet Chrome add-on here at

Items & Crafting

There are a total of 7 robot races and each type can only find items specific to that race. Robots with a hybrid race can find items of more than one race type, hence making it the rarest race and best all-rounded utility.

Land & Oil Farming

If you prefer a more passive game style, become a land owner! Items are key components required to upgrade Lands and increase $OIL production. Each land upgrade will require items that can be found by robots of the same or lower rarity value. This means that Normal robots can only find items meant for upgrading normal lands while Legendary robots can find items meant for upgrading all kinds of lands because Legendary is the highest rarity tier!

The launch of some quests and land emissions is targeted to happen on 30 November 2022. You will require a robot or land to utilise either of these features. For Robot quests you will need a small amount of $OIL to get started. All rewards from quests can be used to upgrade land and robots. You may also choose to sell the tokens for profit or trade with other players to get different items you may need for upgrading your lands.

Competition Time!

To join the event, visit the quest dashboard at and complete quests of your choice. The more quests you complete, the more points you will obtain. The leaderboard will track quests and update scores in real-time!

Do make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the platform and our Discord announcement channel for new and upcoming quests you can embark on, and a great way to amass more points is to create content and share with friends and others on this project. The higher you score, the more valuable your reward will be!

1st place — Legendary robot

2nd place — Legendary land

3–4 place — Epic robot

5–6 place — Epic land

7–13 place — Rare robots

14–20 place — Rare lands

20–60 place — Common robot

60–100 place — Common lands

100–999999 — One random item



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