Everything You Always Wanted to Know About $OIL, But Were Afraid to Ask

Moon Land — Concept Art

Easter holidays are over, and most of you are back to work. Our Team was working hard all this time to make sure that you will get a top-class product.

To get a better idea of the mechanics of the Moon Robots ecosystem, you should look at the element that unifies all aspects of this project — $OIL. In this part we will introduce the token as well as its utility. In the second part, detailed simulation of $OIL earning will be provided.

$OIL token is the native currency of Moon Robots. $OIL token can be exchanged for any other token on Harmony One blockchain using decentralized exchange — currently the liquidity is located at FoxSwap. Listing on a CEX (Binance, KuCoin etc.) is in the plans, but not in the nearest future as LP staking model is designed to provide sufficient liquidity and at the same time lead to a fairer token distribution.

Simplified Game Economy

$OIL is mainly going to be used as a currency within the game, you will use it for:

  • Breeding Robots
  • Upgrading Robot Heroes and Moon Lands
  • Incubate Eggs and Recharge Robots
  • Trading: Heroes, Items and Moon Land inside of the in-game Marketplace

It is worth remembering that $OIL spent in all mentioned activities will be partially burned, and the rest will be recycled back to reward players and LP stakers.

Where is the $OIL coming from?

There are several ways to obtain $OIL in the game. Starting from the beginning:

  1. The Robo-Eggs will be generating $OIL specified to their level & rarity during their travel to the Moon. The higher level of Robo-Egg-the higher the daily $OIL generation
  2. The Moon Lands will be generating certain amount of $OIL per day (Each plot will have unique $OIL richness, and therefore different $OIL production — more on this in further articles)
  3. $OIL will be one of the rewards that Moon Robots will be getting for taking part in quests
  4. LP Providers will be rewarded in $OIL during the LP Mining Programme

Apart from that, you can currently get $OIL by trading for it on above mentioned FoxSwap

$OIL Contract Address: 0x1449Ab6C24Dcf3DbC1971021f465af1B81F48F07

! Always make sure that you’re using the official token address !

Okay! What about the upgrades?! How much do they cost?

As it was mentioned above, Robo-Eggs will be ready for upgrades from the very beginning. They can be upgraded anytime during their Moon journey with any amount of $OIL, but even though it won’t always lead to level up, the $OIL production will increase a little bit. Below table indicates prices of Common Robo-Egg leveling up & $OIL generation per day on set level:

This tables content is not final and is subject to be changed slightly in next article if required

More detailed article shall be released soon, where you will see a complete break-down of costs & $OIL generation mechanics specific to reach rarity, as well as where the $OIL goes once the Robo-Egg gets upgraded!

Testnet Capture of Common Rarity Robo-Egg Upgrade UI

Curious to see what comes next? We can’t give you just all the information right away, but be sure you shall have it soon!

There are few huge announcements prepared for upcoming days. Do not miss them — follow us on social media and join our Discord Server to stay updated.

Website: moonrobots.one
Whitepaper: docs.moonrobots.one

Discord / Twitter / For all other inquiries, contact our support



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