Everything You Always Wanted to Know About $OIL, But Were Afraid to Ask — Part 2

In the previous article, we have introduced you to the principles of the $OIL token. Now that you’re familiar with utilities and ways of earning that precious token, let’s focus on the first weeks of $OIL earning — the voyage to the Moon phase.

The most important is to understand that not all minted Robo-Eggs are the same. They will come in 4 Rarity types (Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary) and — no matter what their rarity is — in one of three colors (Blue, Purple, Yellow). As you know, different rarity means different $OIL production per day.

Each player will have to decide which one of main paths they want to follow and adjust their tactics accordingly:

  • The Best Robo-Hero Path
  • The Best $OIL Yield Path
  • The Hybrid Path

The Best Robo-Hero

In The Best Robo-Hero path you want to upgrade the Robo-Eggs as much as possible in order to increase chances of hatching high quality Robo-Hero.

It can be calculated that the total cost of reaching Level 15 for a Robo-Egg is as follows:

  • Common Egg: 4,245 OIL
  • Rare Egg: 8,490 OIL
  • Epic Egg: 16,980 OIL
  • Legendary Egg: 33,960 OIL

As you can see, the total amount of $OIL required to fully upgrade Robo-Egg doubles with each rarity step.

Investing in upgrades allows the player to produce more $STARDUST (which is earned every time player spends their $OIL on Egg upgrades) and moreover, it increases players’ chances to hatch higher ranking (within its Rarity type) Robo-Hero as they land on the Moon, and as you know: the better the Hero — the better it performs in Quests.

From Day 1, the upgrades are limited to Level 15 maximum. Depending on the amount of players who reach the limit we might increase it, but additional higher levels will not be more OIL yield-efficient — they will serve the purpose of distributing the Egg ranking and as a way to earn more $STARDUST.

The Best $OIL Yield

As an alternative, players may want to choose The Best $OIL Yield path. In that case the most important is to find the most efficient $OIL daily rate level. It is difficult to estimate which Robo-Eggs is the best as it depends on a few factors, among which two are most crucial: number of Robo-Eggs and their rarity.

Remember that the main reward can be claimed anytime.The color reward can be claimed anytime, but only if the player combines all three Egg Colors of the same Rarity at once. This will encourage players to trade their Eggs on the market to even out their color distribution.

Wen Moon?

As we have mentioned before, Robo-Egg’s journey to the Moon was to take about a month, and now we can specify exactly how long it will take!

From the moment of lift-off on 25th of April, the Robo-Eggs will travel for 40 days before reaching the Moon surface and complete their hatching sequence — which makes 04th of June as the Robo-Egg hatching into Moon Robots day!

To reward early supporters, for the first 10 days after sale starts the $OIL generated by Egg is multiplied by x1.4 (+40%), then it’s reduced by 20% after every next 10 days. Eggs start generating reward on Day 1 of sale even if they’re not purchased yet.

What happens to all that $OIL used on Robo-Egg Upgrades?

Perhaps some of you may wonder what will happen with all the $OIL spent on Robo-Eggs upgrades? Well, all tokens will go into Robot Treasury. All of it will be used in the future to fund project needs:

  • Fueling the Robo-Egg $OIL Rewards pool if it runs low during the travel
  • Fueling Quest Rewards as required
  • Sponsoring certain events which result in Moon Robots promotion
  • Partnerships Incentives
  • Competitions, Contests, Bounties etc.


As you can see, $OIL yield path can give the players a chance to buy more Land Deeds, and as a result multiply future daily $OIL collection.

The alternative path will allow to hatch a more valuable Genesis Robot, which might become valuable to players and NFT collectors. Spending $OIL on Egg upgrades will also produce $STARDUST which increases a chance of minting higher rarity Lands if used to do so.

For investors with a bigger number of Robo-Eggs it would be quite reasonable to take up a hybrid tactic, which would be to maximize upgrades of part of the Robo-Eggs, while finding the best level of Egg for $OIL yield. Such a path enables them to increase a chance to hatch better Robo-Heroes with relatively high total $OIL production.

Which way will you choose? Ensure to always do your own research before making any decisions.


As you may already know, the CEO of Moon Robots — Froggie — went to Amsterdam to meet with the members of Harmony Team. We were able to pitch the project vision to Harmony and communicate its unique features and the values of the Moon Robots team. The Launch Grant proposal will be posted later today, and beyond that we will be working with Harmony on expanding and strengthening their involvement with the project.



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