Moon Robots Land Sale is Around The Corner!

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5 min readMay 21, 2022
Moon Land main art visual

We have reached the point of the Light Side of Moon Land Sale. Rejoice!

In our Discord server, numerous proposals and suggestions from the community were discussed regarding the land sale mechanisms. We appreciate everyone’s support.

Three options were presented to the community and opened for public voting based on suggestions. Now that voting is over, with landslide majority opting for Options A as the land sale mechanics.

Players will pay the needed amount in vouchers, oil, and stardust to purchase a toolbox containing land deeds during the land sale. There are modifications made to the oil price across the rounds.

Voting on the price of stardust, however, is not an option. The cost of stardust has been raised to 5000 for the Premium package and 20000 for the Deluxe package, as previously mentioned. Changes as a result of an increase in supply.

There are several rounds based on Options A for the land sale, described below.

First Round: Voucher Round

Our 20-egg minters will take priority in this round. Anyone minting 20 eggs during the egg mint sale was given 2 free land vouchers.

Requirements: Land Voucher is required to participate.

Limit: As per the number of vouchers held in the wallet

Allocation: Voucher holders have been allocated 707 Land Deeds.

Price: The oil price is subsidised by the vouchers, but players who want to take a chance on greater rarity will have to pay the additional cost of stardust.

Time: The Voucher Round will begin at 18:00 UTC on Monday, May 23, and last for 24 hours. Any remaining vouchers will be automatically converted to the basic package at the end of the 24 hours.

There is no way to hold onto Land Vouchers for the Dark Side of Moon Land Sale, so keep that in mind.

Second Round: Player Round

Requirements: Players with at least 1 Robot egg

Limit: Only 1 Land Deed can be purchased per player.

Allocation: This round allocated 1293 Land Deeds for players.

Price: This round also respects the initially announced oil price but with recent changes of stardust price, which are:

Standard: 5000 oil
Premium: 5000 oil + 5000 stardust
Deluxe: 5000 oil + 20000 stardust

Time: Wednesday, May 25th at 18:00 UTC

Third Round: Active Player Round

Requirements: Anyone holding at least 9 Robot eggs is considered an active player.

Limit: Each player is limited to purchasing a maximum of 10 Land Deeds.

Allocation: 1000 Land Deeds

Price: This round’s price will be greater in oil, but the value of stardust will remain the same as in prior rounds.

Standard: 7000 oil
Premium: 7000 oil + 5000 stardust
Deluxe: 7000 oil + 20000 stardust

Time: Friday, May 27th at 18:00 UTC

Requirements: Anyone who is interested in taking part can do so.

Limit: Each player is limited to purchasing a maximum of 10 Land Deeds.

Allocation: 2000 Land Deeds

Price: Remains as the previous round.

Standard: 7000 oil
Premium: 7000 oil + 5000 stardust
Deluxe: 7000 oil + 20000 stardust

Time: Saturday, May 29 at 18:00 UTC

All rounds have independent limits, which players can combine over the rounds. You can buy up to 21 land deeds if you participate in all rounds.

Each round lasts 24 hours or until the allocation has been sold out, whichever occurs first.

The following table shows the rarity drop rates for each Land Deed package.

Land Deed package rarity drop rate


During expeditions, multiple expedition equipment can be purchased. The more you have, the higher the chances for you to get land. The outcome of the Expeditions will be 500 lands per day, totaling 2000. Only the expense of the expedition’s equipment will be incurred. Each Expedition concludes with a giveaway of Land Deeds to players who located land using the equipment they purchased earlier in the game.

Allocation: 2000 Land Deeds

Price: TBA / Combination of oil and stardust.


Players will be able to send their Robots on Quests for $OIL and other valuable Items and Resources. Naturally, Robots will require some $OIL to work. It takes $OIL to make $OIL!

Allocation: 2000 Land Deeds

Price: Standart quest fee

Q3 2022

2000 Lands saved for later, sold after a new community vote

Then there will be the Dark Side of Moon Land Sale. With the allocation of 10000, Dark Side Land Sale will be after Light Side Land has been distributed to players. Considering long-time project supporters, there will be different sales mechanisms for the Dark Side of Moon Land sales.

Now that all the information has been revealed, please be prepared for the upcoming Light Side of Moon Land Sale.

Update 1:

All 707 Land Deed Vouchers have been converted to Land Deeds. Player Round has ended at 589 Land Deeds sold. Active Player Round allocation has been increased to 1500 Land Deeds.

Update 2:

Active Player Round has been sold out (1500/1500 allocated Land Deeds minted). Public Sale has been moved to 29 May, 18:00 UTC.

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