In order to find some of the remaining Lands

Moon Robots decided to conduct Expeditions. Each Expedition is a weekly opportunity to find Lands up to Legendary using Expedition Equipment.

Free Equipment Parts (aka AirDrop)

Right before the collapse of humanity the amount of space debris around the Moon and Earth had reached a catastrophic scale. To help clean up the Moon orbit from debris, we are offering a free airdrop (claimable daily) of Space Junk, from which you can assemble valuable Expedition Equipment. All Harmony Protocol wallets with at least 10 transactions from April 1 to June 4 are eligible for a FREE daily claim of Space Junk worth 150 OIL

Crafting Schematics

Tripod: 6 parts needed
Scout: 6 parts needed
Drone: 5 parts needed
Rover: 5 parts needed
Satellite: 4 parts needed

Expedition Equipment

To increase your chances of finding Land, you can use ready-made Equipment that is available for OIL and STARDUST. Expedition Equipment will work until the end of the current Expedition.

Space Junk

How Search Works

A total of 500 Lands will be found during each Expedition week. Lands are found from Tuesday to Saturday after which a new Expedition will begin. Early birds have the opportunity to find more Land because they will participate in more daily finds.

50 Lands on Tuesday (12:00 UTC)
50 Lands on Wednesday (12:00 UTC)
50 Lands on Thursday (12:00 UTC)
50 Lands on Friday (12:00 UTC)
300 Lands on Saturday (12:00 UTC)

Expedition equipment can be traded on




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