Pre-Minted Robo-Eggs claiming procedure

Public Sale page (testnet image)

Moon Robots minting is just around the corner and we’re hoping that you are as excited as we are! To make sure that you are well prepared for minting, we will remind you how the process will look like. That would be important especially to the Free Mint Ticket owners.

Before we start, we would like to highlight that just a day after submission of the Harmony Grant proposal it has been accepted! It is a noteworthy milestone for our project and a real recognition of our efforts to deliver the best product to our valuable community members.

We do not rest at ease but continue working on Moon Robots at a steady pace—expect more exciting information in upcoming days! We will guide you through the Color Game and other strategies that will become relevant right after the minting event.

We hope that you had the time to read our previous article, and if you didn’t we highly recommend to do it. In the previous article we covered whitelist and public minting process, $OIL token strategies and cyber security rules.

In this article we would like to emphasize that there is a group of players who already pre-minted their Robo-Eggs and have their Free Mint Tickets ready.

What should you do in you’re on of them?

Using Free Mint Tickets is not limited to the pre-sale only. You don’t have to worry that there will not be enough Robo-Eggs left for you. All pre-minted Eggs are reserved and are waiting for the Owners, so no need to rush.

Selecting 20 Robo-Eggs for minting (testnet image)

Even when the public Minting event is sold out, your Eggs will still be waiting and all you have to do is to connect your wallet containing a Free Mint Ticket and press the “Claim Pre-Mint” button. After transaction approval in your Metamask, you will become a proud Owner of a number of Robo-Eggs relevant to your ticket.

Landing page after public sold out (testnet image)

Remember that minting Robo-Eggs is just the start of a big journey with Moon Robots. Right after minting we will start the Color Game, and most of the players will participate in it in order to increase their $OIL reward. The concept & details of that game will be introduced to you in the next article.

Ready for tomorrow?

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