The Robo-Egg Game — Optimising your $OIL Yields for Best Outcome

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4 min readApr 28, 2022

Tomorrow at this time the minting event will be already in progress. Many of you are lucky owners of different types of Free Mint & Whitelist Tickets and will participate in the Whitelist Sale phase. Best of luck with your Robo-Eggs rarities!

Robo-Egg Overview

Robo-Eggs minting is just a first, but significant step in our game. Just to remind you, there will be four rarity levels:

Common (7630)

Rare (2100)

Epic (210)

Legendary (60)

Another Property of each Robo- Egg will be its Color:

Blue (33%)

Purple (33%)

Yellow (33%)

Robo-Egg Color has no influence on daily $OIL production, the rarity is the most important factor in that matter.

The above graph demonstrates how much $OIL per day can generate a different kind of a Robo-Egg. As you can see, there are 15 levels, and $OIL production increases significantly with each next level-up. In addition, the more rare Robo-Egg is, the higher the daily rate it offers. It shouldn’t be surprising that we all wish to mint as many Legendary Eggs as possible.

One of the most important factors you should consider when calculating your profits is Reward Split. The more upgraded the Robo-Egg is, the more the reward’s center of gravity is moved towards the Color Reward. That split will change with each level up.

What are the Main and Color Rewards?

The Main Reward is distributed over the course of 1 month after the first Egg mint event. The main reward can be claimed at any time.

The Color Reward is distributed the same way as the Main reward and can be claimed at any time, but only if the player combines all three colors of the same rarity at once.

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

Lvl 1 Common Robo-Egg earns 60 $OIL per day. Reward split on that level is 90/10%, and that means that if you have just 1 Robo-Egg, you can collect 90% of the 60$ OIL generated within 24 hours, and that’s 54 $OIL per day. If you decide to mint or buy more Eggs, you can try to combine color triplets. In simple words, you have to have blue, purple, and yellow Common Robo-Eggs. In that case, your reward will be 3x60= 180 $OIL per day. As you can see, even not having triplets (and as a result not collecting color reward) at level 1 is not that painful.

How about higher levels?

Let’s have a look at level 10 Epic Robo-Egg. Daily $OIL generation is 420, and the reward is split 45%/55%. That means that with 1 Robo-Egg we can collect 0.45x420=189 $OIL per day because 55% of your earning is a color reward.

With a color triplet, your daily reward would be 3x420=1680 $OIL.

We hope that the above calculations explain why having a set of color triplets is that important. Without color (and rarity) sets, most of your rewards will be locked if you decide to level up your Robo-Egg to higher levels.

Why is my Robo-Egg producing more $OIL?! What sorcery is this?!

The first 10 days after the sale starts the reward is multiplied by 1.4 (+40%). Then it’s reduced by 20% every next 10 days

Robo-Egg Exchange — Finding your match

After minting your Robo-Eggs, you will likely face a situation where you will not be able to combine rarity and color triplets. What can you do in that case? Robo-Eggs will be listed on NFT markets, so you can try to find the missing Egg over there. Another option is the swap within the Moon Robots community. In that case, always remember that you’re doing that at your own risk.

Escrow? Escrow! I need an Escrow!

There is a chance that we will introduce trusted community members that may serve with the Escrow role and be a broker for your exchanges in return for a small fee. Even then, we will not take responsibility for any unsuccessful exchanges.

Final Notes

How long will the Color game last? We believe that until the Moon landing. With such a number of Robo-Eggs, there will always be some exchanges or transactions, and new players will be eager to collect color sets.

Once again, remember to choose a strategy that matches your risk acceptance level. Don’t forget that it’s just the beginning of the big journey with Moon Robots!

We are looking to launch something extra meanwhile, but our main goal during that epic trip is to deliver you the best GAME experience, therefore this will be our top priority focus!

Are you ready, player?

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