Welcome aboard, the Moon flight shall commence soon!

Moon Robots
5 min readApr 26, 2022


After thousands of hours of coding, hundreds of sleepless nights and gallons of coffee, the Moon Robots team can finally say that: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE MOON ROBOTS IS READY TO WELCOME YOU ABOARD! Please prepare for take off!

Each flight has to start with a safety announcement. As we’re flying to the Moon, we’re also obliged to do that, so before we dive into minting event details, let us introduce you few safety rules that you shall follow:

  1. Always use only confirmed links — if you’re not sure go to the Discord server and check the #announcement and #official-links channel. You will find all links and addresses there.
  2. None of the Moon Robots team will contact you first. If you receive any message with “last moment promotion” or something similar — it’s a scam and ignore or report it.
  3. Always make sure that your browser is updated and you’re using antivirus software.
  4. If something looks different than you would expect — don’t click and check on the Discord server. Our Moderators will always guide you.
  5. Be cautious — as Moon Robots becomes more popular there will be many people trying to use that hype to earn some money on different sorts of scams.
  6. Always have a few extra $ONE in your wallet to cover transaction fees.

Now, once we know what to do to remain safe, it’s time for crème de la crème — minting event details.

Robo-Eggs Minting Details

As you all know, the minting will be divided into two phases:

  1. Whitelist Sale — Free Mint Tickets (from Pre-mint phase) & Whitelist NFT Tickets
  2. Public Sale — open for everyone

The Whitelist Sale will start on April 29 at 18.00 UTC and will last 24 hours. That’s the time when all Free Mint Ticket & Whitelist Ticket NFT holders will have the time to mint their Robo-Eggs at their own pace without any stress that the Robo-Eggs will be sold out.

The Public sale starts 24 hours after the WL sale. There will be no limits per wallet, so the first come—first served (FCFS) rules apply.

The same as in the Whitelist phase, first of all, you have to connect your wallet and ensure that you have enough $ONE tokens available for making purchase.

Whitelist Holder Minting Perspective

Let’s have a look at how the minting process will look from a WL holder perspective.

Sale page view without wallet connected. Testnet image

First thing you have to do when you see our minting page is to connect your wallet. The button is located in the upper-right corner. Make sure that you’re using a wallet that has NFT Tickets (Free Mints or WL NFT Tickets), otherwise the system will not detect any tickets.

Whitelist sale page View with eallet connected. Testnet image

Once the proper wallet is connected, you can check your wallet’s $ONE balance and purchase more (with a credit card) if needed — simply click the “Buy ONE” button and you will be redirected to the dedicated site.

If you have enough $ONE, it’s time to choose the proper bundle option. Depending on the WL tickets you may have, you can choose from a few options or simply mark how many Robo-Eggs you wish to mint.

Example of Whitelist phase purchase — Testnet Image

At the counter, you will receive a detailed summary of your purchase, including all chosen discounts. As you can see, you won’t be able to purchase more than your WL tickets allow you. Perhaps there are still some WL tickets on NFT Markets?

After successful transaction confirmation in Metamask wallet, you become a proud owner of your Robo-Eggs. CONGRATULATIONS!

The below screen should appear, indicating all your NFT’s inventory.

Egg Game page. Testnet image (may vary from the final version)

As you can see, Robo-Eggs start $OIL production right after minting, but let’s have a look how the Public Sale phase looks, and then we will come back to post-minting actions as they’re the same for both WL-holders and Public Sale participants.

Public Sale Minting Perspective

The Public sale starts 24 hours after the Whitelist Sale — that means 30th of April, 18.00 UTC. There will be no limits per wallet, so the first come- first served (FCFS) rules apply.

Same as at the Whitelist phase, first of all you have to connect your wallet and ensure that you have enough $ONE available.

Public Sale Website View without Wallet connected — Testnet Image

After successful login, simply choose one of the available purchase options and go to the counter, where you will see details of your order. You will be able to use any tickets that you still own to get discounts.

Public Sale purchase page. Testnet Image

Again, same as in WL sale case, you will see all your Robo-Eggs inventory in one place right after Metamask transaction confirmation.

This is the first article out of three regarding the Robo-Egg sale & Egg Game rules. Are you ready for the next one?